Heart Rubber Stamps, Hand Carved Heart Stamp Set

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Product Description

This valentine heart rubber stamp set includes two love worthy stamps of connected hearts, they are hand carved out of a strong durable vinyl that will give great impressions on a variety of surfaces! All stamps are made to order, so the vinyl carving material may vary in color depending on what I have on hand. Your stamp may be white or pink, both colors of carving material are a great quality rubber.

This shop does not use any of the cheaper cream material that flakes and crumbles away!

The stamps are both 1" wide.

One of the best things about hand carved rubber stamps is that you are getting a stamp that few other people have, making your projects all that more unique!

You could use this stamp set in your scrapbooks, make hand made cards, create gift tags, personalize wrapping paper, add the perfect touch to your art journals....and so much more!

These stamps come unmounted, I believe that unmounted stamps give the best quality image because of the thickness of the rubber. They can be mounted easily on acrylic blocks though!

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Please contact me for any special custom orders, whether you just need a different size, something personalized, or have an idea for a stamp!

Happy crafting!

Heart Rubber Stamps, Hand Carved Heart Stamp Set

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